Garbage & Recycling Can Cleaning

Monthly Cleaning

2 Cans – $10.00

  • Total Charge of $20.00
  • Billed Monthly


After you sign up, we will add you to the appropriate route. In most cases that occurs within a week.  At that point you should receive an email with your start date and account details.  Your service will occur on the same day as your trash and recycling pickup. After your cans have been emptied, we will arrive to clean and sanitize your cans and will set them back at the end of your driveway. If you choose a subscription you will receive a reminder of your next scheduled cleaning.

  • We leave your trash and recycling cans clean, sanitized and odor free
  • Our 190+ degree water jet system removes bacteria, mold, germs and rotting food from your trash cans
  • Your newly cleaned and sanitized trash cans will no longer attract flies, bees, and rodents, and it will stink no more
  • We guarantee your satisfaction, or your money back

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