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We keep your garbage cans happy!

Our specially designed high-tech equipment will clean and sanitize your garbage and recycling cans in minutes, removing all waste, bacteria, germs and more importantly the odors. We leave your garbage cans sparkling clean and odor free. Sign up today to eliminate that harmful bacteria that festers on and in your garbage cans.  Plus, we also clean concrete and paver driveways, sidewalks, dumpster pads and more. Don’t wait, eliminate the germs today and keep your garage smelling fresher tomorrow.

Protect your family from bacterial and fungal infection

in and around your un-cleaned garbage cans.

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Our Completely Green Cleaning Process

Step One. Preparation.

We arrive with our service vehicles the day that your trash gets picked up, shortly after the garbage trucks have left.  Our team carefully positions your garbage cans behind our equipment, our state of the art cleaning system then begins by safely grabbing your garbage cans and lifts them over our high pressure cleaning and water collection system.

Step Two. Cleaning.

Our high pressure cleaning system uses over 200 degree water to remove debris and clean your trash cans.  The extreme pressure of the water helps ensure that any heavy stains or set in dirt are removed.  No harmful chemicals are used to clean your garbage cans, not even the nasty ones. Our process is completely GREEN!

Step Three. Sanitizing.

The cans are now given one last blast of water along with a bio-clean sanitizer to ensure that your cans are free of odor.  Your trash cans are now clean and, the system sets them safely down and our team member returns them to their initial position.  We put a “CLEAN” blue tag to show we have completed the cleaning.  See you next time!!

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