How to clean garbage cans

How to clean garbage cans and make them smell fantastic!

You know what your dirty can looks like in the bottom? You probably know how bad it smells too. What you probably don’t know is exactly how much bacteria, viruses and germs are lurking around the inside and outside of your cans. This leaves many mom’s and dad’s wondering how they can get clean cans and have them completely sanitized. So, how do you clean a garbage can? Simple, you use high pressure equipment with industrial cleaning tools and water that reaches temperatures over 200 degrees. This is the best way to clean your cans and gets the job done without harmful chemicals. The best way to get this done in Cincinnati is to visit and schedule your next cleaning.

Check out this before and after picture of what garbage cans look like with Ohio Clean Cans taking care of your trash can cleaning. Sign up for weekly, monthly, quarterly, or one-time cleanings on our website. We leave your cans clean and smelling great so you store them in your garage – no problem. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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