How to clean garbage cans

October 7, 2020

Categories: Before and After

You know what your dirty can looks like in the bottom. You probably know how bad it smells too. What you probably don't know is exactly how much bacteria, viruses and germs are lurking around the inside and outside of your cans.

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How To Get Ahold of Rumpke

September 28, 2020

Categories: General

If you have lived in Cincinnati for any amount of time, you know Rumpke is the leading garbage disposal service in the greater Cincinnati area. Of course there are others like Waste Management, OSI, Republic and a few others. But, almost every neighborhood is covered by our hometown company, Rumpke.

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Garbage Bin Cleaning

September 15, 2020

Categories: Garbage Can Cleaning

Here is how to clean your garbage cans to perfection; Call Ohio Clean Cans, or log on to to sign up for your can cleaning.

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