Top Names for your Garbage Can

There is little debate in most homes what the garbage can is referred to, but between homes that can be another story. Here is a list of the top names and phrases used to describe that thing you put your garbage in. What do you think is the most popular in our area of Cincinnati, Ohio?

Here are top names for your garbage can:

1. Garbage Can

2. Trash Can

3. Trash Bin

4. Waste Basket

5. Waste Can

6. Garbage Bin

7. Dumpster

8. Rubbish Bin (thanks to our friends across the pond)

9. Garbage Container


Whatever you choose to call it, we are here to clean it. We know it gets dirty week in and week out, and with a little professional cleaning we can make your can happy – and supper clean. We love serving are home owners with clean cans here in Cincy. Bins, cans, containers – whatever you want to call them, call us and we’ll get them clean.