Warm weather brings the worst out in your garbage can, we bring out the best!

As the temperature begins to get warmer, your dirty garbage cans will begin to stink. Let us rid them of all bacteria and bad odors. Ohio Clean Cans provides one of the fastest growing home services in Cincinnati, north Cincinnati, and surrounding areas. We serve all Cincinnati areas from Anderson Township, Hyde Park, Cleves, Liberty Township, Loveland, Mason, Blue Ash, West Chester and more. Getting your garbage cans cleaned allows you to easily store your garbage cans in your garage, knowing they are free of bacteria, smell and grime that attracts bugs and rodents.

Sign up today by clicking here, and select the number of cans you want cleaned along with the frequency you would like them cleaned. Then, we’ll be out to your home on trash day to clean your cans curbside, after they have been emptied. See you soon!



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