Warm weather in Cincinnati brings maggots to your garbage cans – We Can Help

When warm weather shows up in Cincinnati, so do the maggots around and in garbage cans. Normally, flies are mostly attracted to garbage cans that are unclean, with bad smells and grime in and on them, that attract flies. Homeowners with pets, are highly in tune with the amount of flies that can start hovering around their cans as the warm weather picks up. So, how do you keep garbage cans from attracting maggots?  You keep them clean, inside and out. More specifically, you can have Ohio Clean Cans do it for you.

Sign up today for garbage can cleaning service on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis and we will clean your cans consistently, keeping flies, maggots, bugs and rodents away. We also leave your trash cans smelling great, and free of bacteria – for pleasant storage in your garage or around your house. Go here to sign up today. If you are more interested in a one-time cleaning for your garbage cans, we have that option too.

See you soon!

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